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Small Group Training

Don't get lost in the crowd. Sessions are limited to 12 per group so you can be sure that a trainer has her eyes on you! 

This Functional Intensity Training circuit workout features high-intensity strength and cardio stations, delivering a total body challenge that will get you fit, all the way around. Welcome to 360 F.I.T 

GLOVE UP for this unique boxing experience utilizing specialty Aqua Training Bags, mitts and body weight to improve overall strength and conditioning. 

Round after round, this stress reducing workout will challenge your body and focus your mind, so you'll leave stronger, from the inside out. (Gloves and wraps required; available for purchase or rent at the studio.) 

Start your week off strong with this hybrid sweat sesh. Push through intense rounds of heart pumping, muscle burning conditioning DRILLS, then throw down on our signature Aqua Training Bags to test your boxing SKILLS. Be prepared for group challenges and partner work. Come give it your all and leave sweaty, happy and strong. Consider your goals #smashed. 

Because we're all about them gains. This intense, no-nonsense yet low impact strength and conditioning class will have you sweating as you burn through resistance based circuits. Serious focus on core and glutes, cuz we know what you want. Warning: Lifting weights won't make you bulky, but it will make you awesome.

Join this heart-pumping dance fitness party that has you forgetting you're working out, yet leaves you totally drenched and well, worked out. Take it down midway through class with an intense, targeted core segment designed to deliver that burn. 

Not a dancer? Not a problem. The routines are easy to follow, so you can get your dance sweat on, ASAP.

Ready to be your best fit self? This class is everything. Designed to compliment your hard-hitting fitness routine, FLEX is your active recovery.  Improve your mobility and flexibility and get stretchy with us. Level up your fitness and FLEX.

This all-level Vinyasa class is your new happy hour. Cues, breath and mindfulness will guide you as you move through dynamic stretches, restorative sequences and strengthening power flows. You'll leave FLOW feeling centered, energized and strong; ready to take on your week.

Get ready to dance, sweat and have a great time in this easy to follow dance fitness class!

360 F.I.T. Kids!
(Girls 1st-5th Grade)

This is a high energy class where girls will have loads of fun as they sweat through different stations, obstacle courses, physical challenges and more! Emphasis on social skills and team building skills, so they will get FIT while having FUN! 

This is a cardio based total body conditioning workout that will push you to your limit.

Through explosive cardio circuits, plyometric drills, strength intervals and core training, you'll build strength and endurance and achieve a level of fitness you've never known before. 

(Men only)


It's time to get technical. Learn proper boxing technique and advance your skills in this fundamentals class. Mitt work, bag work, partner drills, shadowboxing, defense and conditioning make this a perfect class for all levels. 

Gloves and wraps required.

Available for rent or purchase at the studio.



TG brings you the FIRST and ONLY complete Men's fitness program in the area!



Small-group, high intensity fitness, women only sessions.



Fall, Winter + Spring sessions where your kids + teens get a chance to be as fit as you!

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