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"TRAINING GROUND offers small -group sessions allowing for a lot more individualized attention than is available at other gyms. Instructors are incredibly motivating, personable, and dynamic. Classes are all very challenging, fun, and offer great stress relief as an added bonus to fitness! You will be pushed to your limit! I love every class! 

- Sarah T. 
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"I've been exercising since high school and TRAINING GROUND is the only place that has given me a workout that has really made me stronger. I have more stamina and energy and feel more fit overall. TG motivates me and keeps me engaged by constantly changing it up. TG became a family gym - my husband attends Men's Sessions and my kids go to the Kid's Sessions. We are all big fans! 

- Ilana P.

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"Since being a member at TRAINING GROUND my whole workout experience and life has changed. It's a place of teamwork, acceptance, and hardwork! TG offers personalized instruction and appropriate modifications which allowed me to train while recovering from a serious injury. My favorite class is SKILLS x DRILLS! I love the strength training combined with boxing! Come join the TG family and experience it yourself!"

- Rachael H.

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"TRAINING GROUND is a place to improve your mental and physical health. It has given me the ability to feel grateful for what my body can learn to do! TG motivates me to keep healthy so that I have the energy to fill my life roles and tasks- both physically and spiritually! I love the friendly, easy going atmosphere that still has the edge to push you to do your best!"

-Rachel R.

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"TRAINING GROUND is not just a gym, it's a community. Tania and her team of incredible trainers push you harder than you think is possible. The energy in the studio is electric. The super intense training sessions are physically challenging and emotionally uplifting at the same time, sending you home on a high every single session. Members compete with and support each other. It is a space for people on any fitness level. Tania is constantly introducing new equipment and workouts, skillfully planning killer classes every single time. TG is home!

- Channa B.

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"I've been going to a variety of gyms for over 20 years, and you know the right one when you meet it! From the start of joining TRAINING GROUND, I knew this was it. There's nothing like it out there! From the amazing customer service, to the small personal training sessions, to the most creative workouts ever, I always want to crush my workout! They listen to your requests and take your needs seriously. For a working mom, these sessions make my day/night and help me unwind, reset. It's an awesome outlet."

- Rikki

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"I always look forward to TRAINING GROUND classes because I know I will be getting a thorough, challenging, and innovative workout. The equipment is state of the art and used in many unique ways. No two session are ever the same, you never know what to expect! I've been training for so many years and I can honestly say that since joining TG, I've never been in better physical condition. Their instructors focus on proper form, core strength, balance, and mobility. TG's sessions always have a wonderful sense of fun and camaraderie."

- Carol

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